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Translations of Dio's blog

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Translations of DIO's blogs
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Dio (ディオ) are a Japanese indie band, formed in May 2006. Their music is rather dark and hard.
Dio are:
Mikaru on vocals
Erina on guitar
Kei on guitar
Ivy on bass
Denka on drums
Community Information
This community provides translations of Dio's blogs.
Please be aware that there's only one person doing the translations. Thus there might be a lack of updates whenever I have exams and other things going on in my live. Furthermore I'm still a beginner of the Japanese language so my translations will be everything but 100% accurate.
Constructive criticism is always welcome. So, feel free to correct me. :3
Please don't reproduce any of these translations without my express consent. Especially since my translations aren't 100% accurate, I don't want them to be posted as such.
Regarding amember-only entries
The members might post amember-only entries on their ameblos. I have decided that these will be posted locked and thus for community members only.
The reason for this setting is that although Dio accepts everybody as an amember, the amember-only entries are still in a way not for everyone... Furthermore, I also accept everyone into this community, which makes it quite equivalent.
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