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01 June 2009 @ 11:58
(No title)
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June 01 [Mon], 2009, 12:24

A vulgar girl is really the worst.

(But) because looking at a too refined girl is also tiring, being normal is good. A plain vanilla girl that is.

Because I can't stand seeing a girl who's acting too vulgar, I want to stay away (from her), ne.

These are my thoughts now.

Because, such a girl is currently sitting in my field of vision. (1)
While I'm eating something, (it makes me) gag.
She's sitting there with her legs wide apart, scratching her arse.(2)
Why?!~ it hurts to (even) look (at her)...
Don't become like that, girls. (3)
1) He's using a suffix that actually expresses that he's really, really despising such a girl.
2) 大股開いてケツをポリポリ。 // I'm not 100% sure but it's most likely that ^^;
3) あぁいう女になるなよお嬢さん達。

Doing the calculations, Mikaru has posted 150 entries since my last translation. I'm definitely only going to pick whatever I find interesting ;A;
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