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14 July 2008 @ 10:33
☠ Kei ☠ 27 March 2008  
Weight Reduction
Original Post
March 27 [Thu], 2008, 21:56

edited © pukadesu

Coming back from overseas I gained lots of weight and for about one week I tried in my own way to reduce my food (^-^)

A "eating one meal each day and eating nothing in the evening" life. During one week I lost 4 kilos!

I became a bit slimmer (laughs) I have to take care to not eat too much.

Well, we're having a rehearsal, it's been a long time - somehow a midnight rehearsal feels so wistful (・ω・)

Comment: Hi, I'm new and kind of try to understand what's going on in the Kei-mind. I don't have much time and I'm still learning Japanese so it will take me some time ^^v

He doesn't need to lose weight ;A;!
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uru_ponponponuru_ponponpon on 14th July 2008 20:15 (UTC)
He needs to EAT!!!! not to loose weight. I mean ... he has absolutely no ass! somebody please give him a steak and some chocolate!
shura3: Haku (Hannya)shura3 on 14th July 2008 20:24 (UTC)
and thank you for translating!
I hope you'll understand what's going on in keis mind XDD
Puka  :3pukadesu on 14th July 2008 20:43 (UTC)
thank you I'll try my best :3
kira_chiaki on 14th July 2008 20:33 (UTC)
aw...kein finally gained weight..damn it , why is he on diet XD
Sini: serious businessrasvahappo on 14th July 2008 20:47 (UTC)
Thanks for translating!

And lol fail diet is fail, I think I'll throw a bic mac on the stage when they come here >8D *liek totally*