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24 March 2008 @ 21:05
☠ Mikaru ☠ 25 March 2008   
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Original post
March 25 [Mon], 2008, 4:13

I am~ Orochimaru

Well then.

I wonder if I should also drink tonight.

Sake is really strong for me, na.

Hehe, sorry for being so slow ^^" I'm quite busy atm.
Will do the other entries soon, I hope.
Listening to: NoveLis
eriniapsycho_isshi on 24th March 2008 21:47 (UTC)
orochimaru? o.o naruto freak? <3 XDDDD
異端迎車☆: mikarukiyoshiyuu on 24th March 2008 22:02 (UTC)
*lol* probably XD"
hyena_666hyena_666 on 24th March 2008 21:49 (UTC)
Orochimaru ?
Has it something to do with Naruto ? lol
and what's that white thing on his hand ?
異端迎車☆: mikarukiyoshiyuu on 24th March 2008 22:03 (UTC)
Yeah, I think so, but I don't really know naruto ^^"
No clue oO"" *cannot recognize it* >__>
nananana_raspberry on 24th March 2008 23:04 (UTC)
that white thing looks like the bling/metal on his sunglasses... so does the rest~ or at least that's what I think
hyena_666hyena_666 on 25th March 2008 01:18 (UTC)
you're right it is his sunglasses XD
灰色 虜ryuuzaki69 on 24th March 2008 22:04 (UTC)
He read Naruto oO?
rythem_of_logic on 24th March 2008 22:14 (UTC)

Thanks for translating
Alouquageist_alouqua on 24th March 2008 22:22 (UTC)
don't worry thanks for your effort translating this

Mikaru is so cool XD
silly rabbit.: lovelyhimiko0__0 on 25th March 2008 18:36 (UTC)
lolotaku 8'D
thanks for the translation☆
Shagarahshagarah on 26th March 2008 20:53 (UTC)
Ummmm, Orochimaru? 8DD *laugh*

Thank you for being active again and translating! <3 *shows you muuuch of love and throws all translator pages away*
Shagarahshagarah on 26th March 2008 20:55 (UTC)
Oh yes and he's eye makeup is actually pretty much like orochimarus... :D

(Mikaru... *w* gotta say I love him even more when I had to change actually meet them all after the fin gig.. <3)
Dianadianunex on 27th March 2008 01:46 (UTC)
thank for traslation,,naruto,really?^^
kurai_harukurai_haru on 27th March 2008 10:08 (UTC)
Mikaru as Orochimaru rocks so hard! XD

Thanks a lot for translating! ^x^
司~つかさ~: hitsu puppychocolatepanda on 2nd April 2008 17:45 (UTC)
.....XD! mikaru is <3
Ray/Kuromichiyo_hara on 10th April 2008 04:18 (UTC)
Hahaha, Orochimaru XD
I luff Mikaru <3
yokan304 on 2nd May 2008 21:51 (UTC)
after the euro-tour there are no update T_T why?
nananana_raspberry on 5th May 2008 10:45 (UTC)
because we've got a live beside of translating entries.
watari_kumiko: Why ?watari_kumiko on 13th June 2008 10:42 (UTC)
put out your toungh and say it again XD

I like this pic, arigatou for translation ^^