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22 October 2009 @ 23:57
☠ Mikaru ☠ 22 October 2009  
Just a link because you don't need me to translate this:

Mikaru's message in English to all fans in Europe.

2009-10-22 20:55:55
To the fan of Europe.

I'll try my best to do the entries asap but there's a midterm in two weeks ;A;
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Kitty: Dio- Mikarucherryrazor on 23rd October 2009 07:21 (UTC)
I thought that the entry was sweet ^^
And perverted xD
He did the whole "take off your clothes" bit at the gig here in Finland too xD
kibachan153: Dio-Mikaru-CarryDawnkibachan153 on 23rd October 2009 07:34 (UTC)
Thank you for sharing ^^!!!

aww that was really nice and heheee XDDD so in berlin nobody was going naked to their conzert :P *chuckle and pats poor Mikaru*

and thank you for your hard work for translating all the previous entries *bows*