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15 August 2009 @ 18:11
☠ Ivy ☠ 15 August 2009  
Original Post
2009-08-15 18:47:10

Great King.

I'm sorry.

I just saw it(・ω・)/*sweat*

It's OK.

I'm a wandervogel and(・ω・)/*boom* (1)

I did join the club activities too!


So, come with me together at the end of summer, taking bread and cornedbeef with us.

To Mount Tsurugi(・ω・)/*extreme* (2)
1) See wikipedia for explanations.
2) Taking his sweet revenge. According to wiki Mount Tsurugi is the "most dangerous mountain" climbable.

Mikaru has answered to that. And Ivy again to that. I'll do those (and any others that might following) during some of my next breaks from my thesis. But since I have to finish that one by Thursday evening, well, you might nevertheless have to wait until Saturday ^^"
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prunprunno on 15th August 2009 16:53 (UTC)
Ivy wandervogel with bag full of bread is happy mountaineering with Mikaru shy dark brother

thanks for translations XDD
FrozenStream: Mikaru - drink&smokefrozenstream on 15th August 2009 18:41 (UTC)
These two are such idiots *chuckle*
I love how they communicate with each other through the blog :'D
saicamuisaicamui on 26th September 2009 17:23 (UTC)
its so cute of them doing this XDDD -laugh- thanks for sharinG!