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17 June 2009 @ 20:53
☠ Ivy ☠ 16 June 2009  
For me(・ω・)/it's Yahoo
Original Post
June 16 [Tue], 2009, 20:05

Most of the knowledge that I have about current things that you should know comes from the Yahoo! News... (1)
If I start my PC, the very first thing I immediately look at is that page. (2)
Here, they use quite a lot of kanjis for grown-ups, ne.

Why? (3)
At home I'm also watching the news fairly enough.

Miyaneya etc.?(・ω・)/*boom* (4)

It's maybe also because of the episodes' timeframe...

I~ wa~nt to wa~tch the earlier episodes(・ω・)/*sad* (5)

Today, I got tired very soon after. (6)
Well, how will my life from here on turn out to be, hm~.

Of my current self I can't expect anything~.
That's why for my life I simply can't not fight in this situation.

I don't want to have any regrets in the future(・ω・)/*cry*

However, I don't really like to fight(・ω・)/ba~ng!

So I'm full with regret~!(・ω・)/ohohohohoho

1) 私の知能の現常識知識 - lit. "My knowlegde of current common
2) Said with a bit of regret for actually doing it.
3) どうだい?
4) Miyaneya is a program by YTV. The wiki text for that is horrendously long and I can't grasp that... Youtube suggests that it's some educational quiz program, idk.
5) まーえがーみきーたーい.... which means 'I want to give up on the earlier ones" I think he rather meant 前が見聞たい (my translation) - which makes much more sense?
6) 早い段階で - actually means that you do somethings in short succession of each other... so maybe he got tired after watching Miyaneya? Which is aired around 2 pm!

It seemed much easier than it turned out to be ;A; Also, I know you'd prolly rather read sth by Mikaru, but I just like Ivy's entries more. They're cute.

And, anybody's got any icons for me to use? Or a layout?
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shinyafangirl on 17th June 2009 22:57 (UTC)
In a way I can really connect with this entry~