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26 May 2009 @ 20:40
☠ Ivy ☠ 26 May 2009  
Original Post
May 26 [Tue], 2009, 22:23

It seems like the lifesize Gundam will be standing in Odaiba? (1)
Do I want to go there or not...
Well, if I go there, I want to go on the first day that it opens to the public~

But not going wouldn't be too bad either~...
What should I do~...

It's difficult~...

Even if I go there, I'll be there alone, and...
how should I put it... there's nobody who would come with me~...

But, it's amazing, ne~... Because it's the real thing to the marrow, I really think that it's amazing...

But of course it's impossible for it to move, ne.

But I want it to shine at night~.

The eyes etc. (・ω・)/*glittery eyes*

And afterwards, white smoke will come out etc...

Surely, on the first day there will come an actor for Amuro, ne (・ω・)/yes (2)

Because he's the only one who would fit to such an event perfectly, ne~...

However... I forgot his name... (・ω・)/*sweat* (3)

Well~... It's a pity, but there's only a bit left and today will be over~...
I'll give my best until I reach my limits.
I'll give my best to live (lively) (・ω・)/*fighting*

1) For the Gundam 30th anniversary they will put a 18m tall (i.e. lifesize!) Gundam in the Shiokaze Park in Odaiba, Tokyo.
2) Amuro Rei is a character in Gundam. What Ivy means here, is that there'll be surely an actor to also play the person who navigates the Gundam.
3) Shame on you, Ivy! I'd thought you as one of the biggest fanboy would know that' it's Rei! XDDD

Finally, huh? Uni is full of stress, so is life and well, I'm all alone left to do this .___." So please bear with me! m(_ _)m"
Ironically, though, it seems like I'm the most active when my exams are... oh, and since the last translation, there have been 106 posts by Ivy which I haven't done - can't keep up with this craziness.

PS: I'd go with Ivy, anytime. Because a) Shiyokaze Park looks really nice and b) I'm a sucker for all things huge.

PPS: Anybody out there who wants to make me a nice new layout, featuring all five of them? Icons included?
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alexperfectpeach86 on 26th May 2009 21:34 (UTC)
Ahaha Ivy, you fanboy. XD
Thanks for translating! <3