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31 December 2008 @ 22:55
☠ Ivy ☠ 01 January 2009  
Hello New Year
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January 01 [Thu], 2009, 6:03

The album, ne. I like the 4th track. I really like it (・ω・)/*boom* (1)

Good work at the live.

With whom did everybody pass the beginning of the new year??
I for my part, without knowing why, began the new year together with born's Ray and TOMO, just the three guys we are. (・ω・)/*ease*

I was super well received.

After the live at Takadanobaba AREA had finished, we celebrated the new year together!!
We laughed a lot (・ω・)/*delight*

Many things happened while we started the new year, but that's a surprise. (2)

Jolly like this, the new year starte~d.
Next, I'll drink an Okapi~ (・ω・)/*boom* (3)

Cassis-orange (・ω・)/*ha-ha~*

Welcome this year too~ (・ω・)/*ra~i*
1) 「Silence of Sorrow」 is the song he's talking about and that's a really good song for sure!
2) 色々この新年初の飲みで事件が起こったけどそれはサプライズ。 Not too sure if I got it right.
3) 次はオカピと飲むぞ literally means that he'll go drink with Okapi but since Okapi is also a drink am rather voting for Ivy being enough inebriated to type 'w' instead of 't' - or however Japanese cell's work...

Drunken Ivy makes me want to go out and party... but it's too late and there's snow everywhere... and heavy books to read and learned!
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時計台をファックしてやる。: マコト ♂ruderr on 1st January 2009 09:43 (UTC)
When Ivy's drunk he seems more... uh sparkly(?) than usual.

Thank you for translating - I feel your pain ;A;