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31 December 2008 @ 14:41
☠ Denka ☠ 31 December 2008  
Saving Water
Original Post
December 31 [Wed], 2008, 12:54

I saw this at the toilet at the New Jersey airport, 何とも親切な注意書きではないか(笑) (1)

It was written politely in all languages☆

It's a movement of the whole world saving water, ne!

Well, well, it's New Year's Eve in Japan and the last live of this year♪

If I'm thinking about 2008, it was certainly a year that began with Dio and ended with Dio. (2)

Anyway, I think that there were really many things (that happened in this year).

This one year is ending, and so, also to make a bond to the coming year, we'll attack with fighting spirits to make today's live the best!!

Thus, with everyone we'll enter the new year with good feelings so that we won't regret anything later on☆
1) Either the warnings were written not so politely, or politely... Grammar, oh grammar, how I hate thou! Help is much appreciated, because my brain does not want to work anymore!
2) The first live they held in 2008 was on January 6th, so quite early in the year.

On a side-note: The French, Italien and Chinese text on that toilet seat are correct. I assume the Spanish is too... but the German one is wrong... at least it takes a lot of liberty to translate 'save water' in 'Konserviere Wasser'... XDD (I'd say 'Spare Wasser/Sei sparsam mit dem Wasser'...)
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Lexa: karyu/feelmysoullexa891 on 31st December 2008 17:10 (UTC)
Haha lol "konserviere Wasser", alles klar XDD ^^

Thx for translating!
and for that matter ~ A happy new Year! ^_^
nananana_raspberry on 31st December 2008 17:20 (UTC)
Ja, das dachte ich auch... XDD

Dir auch! :3
Karikarilein on 31st December 2008 18:11 (UTC)
'Konserviere Wasser' is' echt gut xDD

Thanks for translating ^_^
nananana_raspberry on 31st December 2008 18:39 (UTC)
Wasser in Dosen gibt's ja schon... wieso nicht so sparen XD