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29 December 2008 @ 17:46
☠ Mikaru ☠ 30 December 2008  
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December 30 [Tue], 2008, 00:08

Because I heard about the story of the film "Koizora", I remembered that film, that girl with the heroine like character, existing in this society~
The reality in which reason doesn't exist.

But it's OK~
Saying "Aa"
Note: I really hope I caught everything and didn't make mistakes... Now some info on the film... I haven't found anything in English so here's a short summary of a German text I found...
Koizora is a film based on a novel which was released through daily/weekly(?) SMS. It's about a girl who loses her cellphone and then contacts the finder of it. They start talking with each other and realise later that they're going to the same school and although they live in quite different worlds, they become a couple. Later on she gets raped on the command of his ex and also get pregnant (but loses the child) so it's full of drama etc. and said to be a heart-breaking but romantic story...
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hyena_666hyena_666 on 30th December 2008 16:26 (UTC)
I watched the film and the drama, both...I cried so much x)
seriously it's SO sad.
btw it's based on a true story of the novel writer..