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24 January 2010 @ 00:55
☠ Kei ☠ 24 January 2010  
Disbanding announcement
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2010-01-24 04:01:49

Dio will disband with the live held at Takadanobaba AREA on March 13, 2010.

I think there were also people who waited for this, saying "It won't be a good announcement" and being dejected.

I personally really regret this too, but all the member thought about it seriously and this is the conclusion we reached.

I think it was around summer in 2005 that I met the other members for the first time. I met Mikaru-kun at Shinjuku Holiday, and from there on I met ivy and then erina-kun and at the beginning of 2006 we had our first live as a session band. It was on May 14th that we started our real activity. Shortly after that denka joined us. We've gone on many tours and held many onemans and furthermore we also held lives overseas.

Because I personally have never had any band activity as extensive as this until now, the challenges I met were also many. I was very lucky to be able to have so many experiences like this and I think that they have become irreplaceable memories.

4 years have passed since the first live with Dio.
Many different things happened during these 4 years... of course, because the timespan is 4 years, there couldn't only be good things that happened, but now each and every live house and the foolish talk I wrote while on the way to and from them, as well as the meetings, the rehearsals and also many scenes are coming to my mind.

I'm glad that I got to meet Dio's members and to make a band together with them! I think for the last live, I want it to be a live that is typical for myself, typical for Dio.

And then, I really want to express my gratitude to all the fans who have always supported Dio.

Thank you very much!
I don't know about you, but I really like his writing style...
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kibachan153: Dio-Mikaru-CarryDawnkibachan153 on 24th January 2010 00:06 (UTC)
Thank you ver much for translating.
maah now I'm really getting sad *sniff*
and you are right this was really touching!!!
thx *bows*
- LeecH -: moiasia_syndrome on 24th January 2010 01:20 (UTC)
now, that's kinda unexpected :/
It's sooo depressing. I've seen them live twice and would love to see them perform more but if that's what makes them happy, then so be it...
I'm still sad, though...

thanks for translation!
angelicomaangelicoma on 24th January 2010 01:33 (UTC)
It's a sad news yet it still should be taken as a positive thing.
Hopefully, they'll still pursue music after this.
Will miss Dio.

Thank you very much for translating.
w h o y o u ?: shinyamnnurr on 24th January 2010 01:36 (UTC)
Thank you for translating this.
Kei seems to write smoothly and to the point.
Agh still sad news though.
sungxsanctuary: colorful uruha long hair brownsungxsanctuary on 24th January 2010 04:05 (UTC)
This sucks D:
but I wish the best for Dio anyways <3
I do hope they will still be in the music scene <3
ViciousFaye69: Uru Hugviciousfaye69 on 24th January 2010 09:51 (UTC)
Please say it's a joke T^T
This just shooked the hell out of me
If this is what they wish I respect them
and wish them all the best.
My only regret is that I will never get to see them live T^T
seirou_sanseirou_san on 24th January 2010 18:03 (UTC)
How sad.
I really liked this band. :(
He wrote this very well.
I can't think of a better way to write bad news.
I hope they will continue persuing music.
If not I hope they will be happy with whatever they decide to do. :)