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09 November 2009 @ 12:45
☠ Ivy ☠ 8 November 2009  
After one hour (・ω・)/ this day will unfortunately be over
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2009-11-08 23:16:19

Less than 1 hour?

That's how it is, huh.

I've eaten cup-ramen after a long time.

And then my mood became quite bad.

It did (・ω・)/*sweat*

コーロチャー♪ (1)


I neither had any tissues

Today seems to be the day where I'm just loosing one thing after another (2)

I'm going to take better care of my life from now on.

Because I think that maybe this blog is going to be the last blog for today.

I pray for everyone to have a sound sleep...

Jamillar (・ω・)/♪ (3)

1) It might be from some anime etc. but I can't check here at work - no Youtube etc. haha
2) He also lost his keys on that day. Didn't translate that because it's rather long.
3) A villain from Ultraman. It's the sexy guy on the photo he posted.

This is a "I'm-feeling-guilty-for-not-translating-anything"-translation. E.g. the shortest entry I could find at Ivy's... ^^" I'm really sorry but keeping up with the guys is simply impossible. I could prolly do so if I did this as a fulltime job, haha, but unfortunately there are my studies too...
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