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01 June 2009 @ 19:47
☠ Mikaru ☠ 01 June 2009  
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June 01 [Mon], 2009, 21:39

Ah~ it was fun~

For the first time I looked at a member from the audience. (1)

The session etc. seemed to be fun~ but learning the melodies by heart must be bothersome.
1) No date for which he was brushing his teeth but instead it was "Illusional of the Birthday" in which Kei participated.

The next entry in Mikaru's blog is actually mainly info about the FC travel (twin rooms, singles cost more, when to pay, seating arrangements) and how he's looking forward to it. So it's not really interesting and causes me too much heart-ache.

Btw, entries from now on will be slow since I have 2 exams on wednesday...
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