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15 December 2008 @ 15:03
☠ Ivy ☠ 06 December 2008  
Original Post
December 06 [Sat], 2008, 1:24

This is me, who has still not recovered from the jet-lag and for whom the Japanese life has thus become difficult.
Aa~... Because I was always forced to get up up during my life abroad, I was able to get up. [1]
I couldn't really enjoy the deep sleep in my bed. [2]
For the time being, I want to become used to Japan (again) and,

because on this time's we already had some experience, there weren't any big problems~...
No. There were many (・ω・)/*fear*

それはインストで。 [3]
Aa~... For Texas, which is in two weeks from now, I should start with the preparations, shouldn't I? N~...

It's so early!
For now I've returned home healthy~ (・ω・)/おつー [4]
I'm healthy, yo (・ω・)/*ui* [5]
[1] As in ppl came to wake him up. Ivy's quite a heavy sleeper as far as I know.
[2] マイベットはとても熟睡してしまう。 - Literally he said that he sleept very deep in "My Bed" but is regretting that.
[3] インスト means instant, installation, instructions and they neither had an instore event (インストア) that day...
[4] I'm not sure if it's standing for 若返る or 落ちる or even お疲れ様... Further more he said that he came back バリバリhealthy and baribari is the sound one makes when ripping (in comics rip something, which illustrates how healthy he is...
[5] I'm pretty positive that おっつ is something along 'Yo!' because the only other thing I could find was that おっつ stands for confectionary in baby-language. ¬__¬"

Well, I had a couple presentations to do and homeworks to hand in at uni and although that is over now, there are exams in January - and lucky-me has all of them in a row (they could be spread over 3 weeks, but no, I have 'em concentrated in 1! *rant* ;A; ) So long story short: I won't really do any of the translations, I guess. I'll try to catch up at the end of January but for the time being you'll have to be satisfied with Ivy's since if I don't have much time, I do what I like best XD"
Oh and Kiyoshiyuu has exams too so she won't translate either... ^^"
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