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03 December 2008 @ 19:45
☠ Mikaru ☠ 29 November 2008 & 03 December 2008  
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2008年11月28日(金) 21時38分

Because the temperature is gradually falling, I'm happy now~

Well, for today's live we sold 450 tickets !

I get into fighting spirit~ !!

[But] my energy is still not ready for that !

Just how will these 5 クズ men from Japan enchant the world, make the world listen.
I'm looking forward to today as well !

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2008年12月03日(水) 15時52分

The live in Paris became as magnificent as never before.
Never before was there such a great number of people shouting in such a volume.
I was deeply moved that day, so much that I could not put it into words.

Then, the tour final in Finland, in Helsinki. 450 people came. I guess at last this time's tour has also ended, あれほどステージを去りがたいライブもなかったな。

When we returned home, I will write slowly

Now we're in Spain, in Barcelona.
Because today in Spain we had one day off, it was the first sightseeing of this tour !
Today we will return to Japan via Paris.

Sorry for crappy translation >__>""
Anyways, he seems to be better now~
:D yey
Come back soon, Dio~<3