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02 November 2008 @ 19:18
☠ Erina ☠ 22 September 2008  
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September 22 [Mon], 2008, 22:00

Today I've gone back to my parent's home after a long time.

My home's cat no. 1, Kuro, has eaten the fish in a cute way, leaving the bones all clean.
My home's cat no. 2, Chibi, is lazying around in his private bed.

Sometimes, being at my parent's home is good to.

Note: Kuro means black and Chibi small. I'm like Chibi more since he reminds me of one of the bestest cats I know :3
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Listening to: Bloc Party - Intimacy
xhimax on 2nd November 2008 19:25 (UTC)
Ray/Kuromichiyo_hara on 3rd November 2008 02:54 (UTC)
Awww, cuuuute <3
le fou roux: 正和loveledusastray on 5th November 2008 21:45 (UTC)
lol ich han die community scho ur-lang nüm agluegt aber e tomtom referenz da z finde heti nie dänkt. (hoffe du meinsch in! *narrows eyes*). x3
nananana_raspberry on 6th November 2008 00:10 (UTC)
wär sus?! weisch, i han dä entry gseh & dä tomtom sini kopie und dänn hanis eifach müesse übersetze - ha mi scho gfrögt wo din kommentar zu all däne chatze bliibt xD