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26 January 2010 @ 01:08
Just a short note:
I'm off on holidays starting tomorrow and won't return for 3 weeks.
Unfortunately I didn't have the time to do Denka & Ivy's entries as well as their trip to Yokohama and all the purikura they took. Go to their blogs for picspams :3
Unless I hijack my friend's laptop, there won't be any translation for the time being but I'll try to do it once I'm back! Promise!
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24 January 2010 @ 00:55
Disbanding announcement
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2010-01-24 04:01:49

Dio will disband with the live held at Takadanobaba AREA on March 13, 2010.

I think there were also people who waited for this, saying "It won't be a good announcement" and being dejected.

I personally really regret this too, but all the member thought about it seriously and this is the conclusion we reached.

I think it was around summer in 2005 that I met the other members for the first time. I met Mikaru-kun at Shinjuku Holiday, and from there on I met ivy and then erina-kun and at the beginning of 2006 we had our first live as a session band. It was on May 14th that we started our real activity. Shortly after that denka joined us. We've gone on many tours and held many onemans and furthermore we also held lives overseas.

Because I personally have never had any band activity as extensive as this until now, the challenges I met were also many. I was very lucky to be able to have so many experiences like this and I think that they have become irreplaceable memories.

4 years have passed since the first live with Dio.
Many different things happened during these 4 years... of course, because the timespan is 4 years, there couldn't only be good things that happened, but now each and every live house and the foolish talk I wrote while on the way to and from them, as well as the meetings, the rehearsals and also many scenes are coming to my mind.

I'm glad that I got to meet Dio's members and to make a band together with them! I think for the last live, I want it to be a live that is typical for myself, typical for Dio.

And then, I really want to express my gratitude to all the fans who have always supported Dio.

Thank you very much!
I don't know about you, but I really like his writing style...
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23 January 2010 @ 20:36
On March 13, 2010 Dio breaks up.
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2010-01-24 01:26:18


13.03.2010 (Sat)
We're going to have a oneman at Takadanobaba AREA and then Dio will break up.

I personally would've never thought that it would come to this development.
I seriously thought that I would continue to be in Dio until I'm a grandfather, until I die.
My dearest wish was to suddenly die on stage, while singing a song and still being a dictator.
Because I really love this band called Dio.
More than anything else in my life... it's an important treasure above all else.
I also happened to encounter the best members in the world.
We made music together, we held lives in Europe and America together, we went to the bathhouse together, we ate meals together, we slept together. We became friends for a lifetime.
That we managed to reach today without a single fight, that was because everyone loved Dio a lot.
They're members that can't be replaced.
But to Dio, to myself, to the members, to everybody, it's impossible to behave just like a spoiled child by doing nothing but grieving for the beloved bygone days. (1)
Because of this we may not have advanced before, and even when the night visits, tomorrow doesn't come. (2)
Of course this decision has never been an easy one.
My feelings for Dio contain more strong self-confidence than anybody else's.
We thought and thought about it, worried and worried, but it's the decision that was made after all the members discussed it many times over.

We would like to thank all those who rooted for Dio, who supported us, from the bottom of our heart.
言うまでもありませんがみんながいたからこそ、今のおれが在ります。 (3)
My raison d'être, the value of my existence, you who all came to notice us.
For all those of you, what I, what Dio is able to do is to announce a last live.
For the last live, I will give all that's in me, Dio will give all that's in us.
We won't break up before the last live but, I would like to express my gratitude to all of you as the end of this announcement.

I would like to thank you very much for loving Dio until now.
1) だけど、そうやって過去を愛しく憂うばかりで、Dioに、自分に、メンバーに、みんなに、甘えてばかりいるわけにはいかないのです。
2) それでは前に進めず、夜が訪れても、明日がやって来ないのです。
3) It's not really "important" - I just can't put it into English... ^^;

Well, not really what I wanted to translate, but I have to admit that it was to be expected...
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22 December 2009 @ 23:09
Drawing a picture(・ω・)/the 7th
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2009-12-23 02:42:50

This time's topic is "Prince Turn" (1)

This is (my) interpretation of a prince who is accomplished at doing turns.

I was really obsessed with this.

The colour scheme of the background.

Now it's 2:43

I think I shall soon go to bed(・ω・)/*wish*
ターン王子 - Some called "Prince Turn" or "Turn Prince" idk.

Still not really back, and still sticking to Ivy.
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12 December 2009 @ 15:15
I'm terribly sorry, but it doesn't look like I'll have anytime to do any translations this year. Anyway, I'm probably very late with this, but I just saw on their blogs that they've gotten a P.O.B. so you can send them fanmail, presents etc. (Please remember that the old one from Red List is not valid anymore - they're likely to not get stuff sent there, I reckon, as they've split with RedList.)

日本郵便 新宿支店留

Japan Post
Shinjuku Branch
To: Dio (member's name)

You might've seen this already as well, but an Interview with them in Zurich this year is on Nippon Project in English // French // German as well as some photos.
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14 November 2009 @ 20:10
ivy-san goes in the opposite direction.
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2009-11-12 18:01:58

Until late~r.
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11 November 2009 @ 22:01
In heaven as well as in hell.
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2009-11-11 18:12:03

Just now, while I was riding a taxi with a female taxidriver, while we were on the road, just the two of us, I gave into temptation,

and I said!

"(Please) Serve me in heaven as well as in hell!"

I didn't want to cause an accident; (1)

It looks like I'm often meeting interesting drivers recently. (2)

1) He's not saying it explicitly, but I reckon the poor lady was rather surprised and probably almost caused an accident.
2) 乗務員 actually includes all people working in transportation services. So he might've met interesting people on the train as well etc.
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09 November 2009 @ 12:45
After one hour (・ω・)/ this day will unfortunately be over
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2009-11-08 23:16:19

Less than 1 hour?

That's how it is, huh.

I've eaten cup-ramen after a long time.

And then my mood became quite bad.

It did (・ω・)/*sweat*

コーロチャー♪ (1)


I neither had any tissues

Today seems to be the day where I'm just loosing one thing after another (2)

I'm going to take better care of my life from now on.

Because I think that maybe this blog is going to be the last blog for today.

I pray for everyone to have a sound sleep...

Jamillar (・ω・)/♪ (3)

1) It might be from some anime etc. but I can't check here at work - no Youtube etc. haha
2) He also lost his keys on that day. Didn't translate that because it's rather long.
3) A villain from Ultraman. It's the sexy guy on the photo he posted.

This is a "I'm-feeling-guilty-for-not-translating-anything"-translation. E.g. the shortest entry I could find at Ivy's... ^^" I'm really sorry but keeping up with the guys is simply impossible. I could prolly do so if I did this as a fulltime job, haha, but unfortunately there are my studies too...
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22 October 2009 @ 23:57
Just a link because you don't need me to translate this:

Mikaru's message in English to all fans in Europe.

2009-10-22 20:55:55
To the fan of Europe.

I'll try my best to do the entries asap but there's a midterm in two weeks ;A;
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21 October 2009 @ 23:09
Original Post
2009-10-06 11:04:48

Because there's only a bit of time left until we have to board later, it's smoking time for me and Mikaru-kun!

Because I can't smoke for more than a half day, I can't stop smoking (now)! *laugh*

It turned out that the overweight of our luggage about which I had worried was only a little, so I was relieved. Well, off we go~!
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